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Taiwan's patent law was amended on May 31st, 2013.
Major change includes the establishment of punitive damages likely to be imposed on infringers. 
This change should be positively welcomed, since it brings more deterrence to any potential patent violation, which, until now, was only protected by a civil suit based on damages suffered by the patent owner, which is to be proved, and would not take into account anything more than the loss itself (while the violator may have made much more profits from his illegal behavior).


The Taiwanese authorities have brought some changes to their policy on permanent residence of foreigners. New changes announced in February 2013 would make the permanent resident card (APRC) easier to obtain, and most important, easier to keep in the long run.
Until now, the authorities would cancel any APRC if the holder would spend less than 183 days over a year in Taiwan. New directions would allow APRC holders to keep it, provided they would come back to Taiwan at least once within a period of 5 years.
Written regulations remain to be published, though, in order to have this rule confirmed in law.


The Trade Secret Act was amended in January 2013 in Taiwan, in order to reinforce the rights of businesses against violations of their internal information by employees and business partners. The new law puts in place, for the first time, some criminal sanctions to any confirmed violation.

This move should be approved, as it brings more deterrence to the legal system, and brings more safety to business players.

Starting in July, the Taiwanese customs have started to implement greater control on imported clothing products, with random selection of samples to be analyzed before being authorized to be put on the local market.
Such procedure is planned to affect progressively all clothing products, with full checking by January 1st, 2012.


The French government has amended its taxation laws on high-value property (ISF)...