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Firm Overview

Members of our Law Firm have been practicing and serving clients in Europe, in Hong-Kong and in Taiwan since 2004, and in Canada since 2008. We have been very focused on international clients who need assistance from one country to another. No matter in which country we work in, our attorneys are recognized and reputable experts and have been successfully handling corporate client cases in all business fields. We are among the very few to be able to practice at the same time in Europe (mainly France), Taiwan and Canada, and we fluently speak several languages such as English, French, Mandarin Chinese, English.
Over the time, we have been developing strong expertise in various fields such as distribution and retail, luxury goods, high technology and telecommunications, and industrial production. 
We fully abide by lawyers' regulations defined by the Law Societies of Paris (France), Taipei (Taiwan) and British Columbia (Canada), and all our partners located in the same or other jurisdictions also practice under the same rules, thus providing clients with all guarantees of seriousness, efficiency and confidentiality.



Office Locations

about2_01Our main office is located in Taipei, Taiwan and we have dedicated partners located in France, Hong-Kong and Canada.

Law Offices

6F, No. 6, Section 4, Xinyi Road
Da-An District
Taipei 106, TAIWAN ROC
Phone: (886) 2-5551-1266 ext. 2021
Fax: (886) 2-5551-2389
Fax: +1-888-894-6891 (USA)
For French matters, our address in Paris is:
22 avenue de l'Observatoire
75014 Paris, FRANCE.



Our fee policy

For general matters, we usually charge legal fees based on our hourly rates. However, each case being different from any other, we can provide some budgets for specific defined cases, and also some fixed fee quotations for some standardized work (such as setting up corporate legal entities, trademark registrations, etc.). A first meeting is usually not billable, as it is intended to define more precisely the type of legal issue and the way to handle it. A legal fees agreement is then usually signed in order to provide clients with detailed scope of work and budget, as requested by relevant Law Societies or bar associations.