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Business-oriented, our law firm has extensive experience in high technology and distribution and retail, particularly in Taiwan. We advise and represent high-tech companies and companies specialized in cosmetics, beauty, pharmaceuticals or luxury goods.
We provide legal consulting and assistance to MNCs and SMEs in Taiwan, in the Greater China area (Hong-Kong, Mainland China) and also to North American clients (Canada and USA) and to European clients (with our base in France). Our clients are European, Asian and north-American (Canada, USA).


We can handle international non-litigation and litigation cases in North America, Europe and Asia, no matter whether they are related to corporate law, commercial and business relations or even personal matters.


With a local network of specialized, reliable and recognized professionals in Europe, Canada and Greater China (Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong-Kong), we can ensure you find the most practical and effective solutions to your needs and legal issues.